Tbwisher 100Pcs Adjustable Elastic Band(20cm Long Each Band) for Sewing Elasitc Cord Stretch DIY Ear Band Loop White (100Pcs)

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  • ★Color: White | Size: 1/4 Inch | Length: 100Pcs, 20cm each band. You could not cut it.And it could be adusted any length you want.
  • ★Braided elastic band made from durable and premium quality woven polyester fabric; Durable and sturdy; Breathable, machine-washable.
  • ★Our elastic band can be widely used for home decoration or belts, waistbands, necklines, crafts, laces, hair bands, shorts, skirts, sleeves, tights, headbands, laces, wigs, diaries, hats, bags, and even DIY jewelry.
  • ★The elastic rope with good quality is very stretchy, and in the range of allowable tensile elastic deformation, can easily restore the original length without deformation.
  • ★PREMIUM MATERIAL:Spandex. Safe and reliable material. Composed of ultra-fine and soft materials with excellent breathability
  • You could buy it on amazon.Its sale link is www.amazon.com/Tbwisher-Adjustable-Elastic-Elasitc-Stretch/dp/B088KQKBNC/